Glenn Greenwald shreds Bill Maher on US intervention in Muslim countries

Glenn Greenwald:

Last night I was on Bill Maher’s HBO show “Real Time”. There have always been numerous views of Maher’s with which I agree. But he has become one of the most vocal and extreme advocates of the view that - while religion generally should be criticized - Islam is a uniquely threatening and destructive force and that Muslims are uniquely oppressive and violent, and that mentality has infected many of his policy views (see here and here for some comprehensive background; just two weeks ago, he had a fairly typical outburst on this topic). When I was scheduled to do the show, I was hoping that the opportunity would arise to debate these views (or that I could create the opportunity), and last night it did.

Click here to watch the debate in full

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    I know quite a few people who are not nearly as eloquent when the speak than when they write. And vice versa. Glenn...
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